I’m a designer of native apps with a strong background in development.

I design seamless-to-epiphanic experiences that delight your customers whilst saving you considerable development time.

What are epiphanic experiences?

Epiphanic moments in some of the apps I designed

That rare moment when your busy customer get amazed by your product and realises the care you’ve put into it. The chances are you get more than just a referral, you make them evangelists.

Designs you can actually build

I deliver functional, accessible and pleasing designs that developers can actually turn into successful products as opposed to fancy concepts that will cost you a fortune to build and will likely turn out to be too difficult for your customers to use. I design for iOS, macOS and Android leveraging Apple’s HIGs and Google’s Material Design.

Accessibility first …and last

All my designs are color-contrast checked for people with impaired vision and I go beyond accessibility labels by designing flows and interactions tailored specifically for VoiceOver users.


UX/UI Design

Wireframes, mockups and animations.

Icon Design

App and interface icons.


Interactive prototypes and simulations.

iOS Development

Native prototypes, proof-of-concepts, small apps.

“Marco is one those few people you encounter in life that possess both great design prowess as well as technical skills. Driven by a great passion for carefully crafted products, great attention to detail, and maintaining constant scrutiny of what creates the best user experience, I've seen him create amazing products - all while remaining curious and eager to learn.”

Alberto Ricci
Evangelist, Senior Partnership Manager at Apple